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Oracle DBA

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Oracle Database Administration (DBA): Oracle 10g, 11g

     There are many people who ask "What a DBA or a database administrator is ?". Well, a DBA is a person who has to install the database, to assure the database maintenance,  to take backup/ restore the database, to perform the tuning of the database and to apply the latest DB patches. And this is not all, but generally that's it. In IT, the tasks cover a larger domain. Sometimes a DBA can work as a data architect, sometimes as a technical architect (if he/ she has in deep experience with the Oracle technologies). To became a technical architect, it is a good start to be/ became a DBA. All the Oracle technologies are working with the Oracle database. There are some exception if we look at the latest Oracle acquisitions (related to the Sun acquisition for instance). Generally speaking, the DBA experience could help you a lot in understanding the Oracle technologies.

      Oracle says that the following tasks represent (but not limited to) the main DBA tasks:

             Task 1: Evaluate the Database Server Hardware
             Task 2: Install the Oracle Software
             Task 3: Plan the Database
             Task 4: Create and Open the Database
             Task 5: Back Up the Database
             Task 6: Enroll System Users
             Task 7: Implement the Database Design
             Task 8: Back Up the Fully Functional Database
             Task 9: Tune Database Performance

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-> Oracle DBA

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