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Oracle Applications (apps): e-Business Suite 11i, R12 

            Oracle ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Suite (also named e-Business Suite) is based on Oracle Apps framework. What that essentially means to the customers is that no matter which component of the suite you buy, you get the same look and feel. The Oracle ERP is best placed to take advantage of the advances in the database technology as the Oracle database is the leader on the databases market.

           Now Oracle has 3 Oracle Applications e-Business Suite (ERP) versions: Oracle Apps 11i, Oracle Apps R12 and Oracle Fusion Apps (the next Oracle Apps generation).     

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     The big players in the Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP market are:
                  Oracle  (with Oracle eBusiness Suite)
                  SAP  (with SAP)
                  Microsoft  (with Microsoft Dynamics) - is a relatively new comer to the ERP market compared to Oracle and SAP.


     All of these Enterprise Resource Planning vendors are global companies with offices located all over the world. SAP has been in the Enterprise Resource Planning market for over thirty years. Oracle also gained in the ERP market with their purchase of PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards and Siebel (Oracle has more acquisitions which has improved the versatility in its solution list. ). Oracle and Microsoft are headquartered in the United States while SAP is headquartered in Germany.    

     Here are some technical difference between the Oracle Applications eBusiness Suite 11i and Oracle Apps R12:

  • the database version in 11i (11.5.9 & 11.5.10) was 9iR2 (by default), but in Oracle Apps R12 it is 10g R2

  • the Technical Stack (as a part of Application Tier) has the iAS( and the Oracle Developer (Forms 6i, Reports 8.0.6), but the Oracle Applications R12 use the 10g Web Server and Forms & Reports (10g) 

-> Oracle Applications (apps)

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