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Upgrade the Oracle Apps 11i to R12 with MW



1. Login as Upgrade Engineer

2. Pre-Upgrade Steps

3. Prepare for the Upgrade

4. Reducing Downtime

5. Upgrading to R12

6. Verification tasks

7. Post-Upgrade tasks

8. Remarks



1. Login as Upgrade Engineer


This step must be done after the Maintenance Wizard (MW) is installed and configured. 

Login on Maintenance Wizard (MW) as the Upgrade Engineer and choose the project you defined for this upgrade. 

The following screen will appear:




In the Category List you will have:



One time the MW configuration is completed (see below) you can start the upgrade process.




The upgrade process consists in passing through all the categories in  that list (from top to bottom) and accomplishing the tasks which are shown for each category. 



2. Pre-Upgrade Steps


Here are the Pre-Upgrade Steps:


You can see that the steps 1-1 and 1-2 are already done. The other steps are not done. If you will click on the on "i" on the Audit Setup column you will get more information about the step which was run. On the "Comments" column you can add comments regarding a particular step. In general the steps are done automatically by Maintenance Wizard (as downloading, merging, applying the patches). However sometimes there are steps which must be done manually. 



3. Prepare for the Upgrade


Here are the steps related to the "Prepare for the Upgrade" category:


TASK: Review Upgrade Tasks 
1-Apply 11i.AD.I (Conditionally Required) 
1.1-Verify version of perl (Conditionally Required) 

1.2-Verify FNDLOAD exists (Conditionally Required) 
1.3-Apply Windows prerequisites for AD mini-pack (Conditionally Required) 
1.4-Verify that you have implemented the architectural change (Conditionally Required) 
1.5-Convert to Multiple Organizations (Conditionally Required) 
1.6-Apply patch 4712852 (Conditionally Required) 
1.7-Apply patch 4605654 (Conditionally Required) 
1.8-Perform AD Minipack post-install steps (Conditionally Required) 
2-Run TUMS utility (Recommended) 

Product Family: Database and System Admin 
TASK: Database and System Admin 
1-Back up the database, Applications and customizations (Recommended) 
2-Prepare an upgrade plan for customizations (Conditionally Required) 
3-Convert to Multiple Organizations architecture (Required) 
4-Drop event alert triggers in custom schemas (Conditionally Required) 
5-Review sizes of old and new tablespaces (Required) 
6-Run the AD preparation scripts (Required) 

Product Family: Applications Technology 
TASK: Oracle Alert 
1-Convert Oracle Alert E-mail Processing to the Workflow Notification Mailer (Conditionally Required) 

Product Family: Customer Relationship Management 
TASK: Marketing, Sales or Trade Management 
1-Create new product catalog (Conditionally Required) 

TASK: Incentive Compensation 
1-Verify completion of Sales Compensation processes (Conditionally Required) 

TASK: TeleService 
1-Set up profile option for TeleService (Required) 

Product Family: Financials and Procurement 
TASK: General Ledger 
1-Run Accounting Setup Manager Diagnosis for MRC (Recommended) 

TASK: iPayments 
1-Prepare data for credit card encryption upgrade (Conditionally Required) 

TASK: Payables 
1-Import all invoices from Payables Open Interface (Required) 
2-Confirm or cancel all Un-confirmed Payment Batches (Required) 
3-Verify that accounting data has been transferred (Recommended) 
4-Run the Accounting Health Check (Recommended) 

TASK: Subledger Accounting 
1-Set range of periods (Optional) 

TASK: Treasury 
1-Bank Account Migration (Optional) 
2-Bank Account Balance Migration (Optional) 

Product Family: Projects 
TASK: Projects 
1-Complete distribution, transfer, and tieback of expense reports (Conditionally Required) 
2-Complete transfer and tieback of cost, cross charge, and revenue (Conditionally Required) 
3-Verify Subledger Accounting Integration (Recommended) 

Product Family: Public Sector/University 
TASK: Student Systems 
1-Modify the key flexfield structure for Product Catalog (Conditionally Required) 

Product Family: Supply Chain Management
TASK: Mobile Field Service 
1-Synchronize data for Mobile Field Service (Conditionally Required) 

TASK: Process Manufacturing 
1.0-Prepare to migrate OPM data (Conditionally Required) 
1.2-Map Data (Required) 
1.3-Run SQL validation scripts (Required) 
1.4-Migrate OPM organization and items (Required) 
1.6-Update Forecast headers in Forecast Set (Required) 
2.0-Finish migration preparations for OPM (Conditionally Required) 
2.1-Review, act on, and dispose of information in Oracle ASCP interface tables. (Conditionally Required) 
2.2-Review, act on, and dispose of information in OPM MRP interface table. (Conditionally Required) 
2.3-Prepare for the batch snapshot (Conditionally Required) 
2.4-Close all batches with a status of Completed (Required) 
2.5-Capture snapshot (Required) 
2.6-Complete or cancel pending transfer (Conditionally Required) 
2.7-Backorder or ship OPM Order Management sales orders that are pick-confirmed or staged prior to migration (Conditionally Required) 
2.8-Run Preliminary Inventory Close Process for all warehouses under all the OPM Companies (Required) 
2.9-Run the GMF validation scripts (Required) 

TASK: Service Contracts 
1-Update Currency Code setup in Global Contracts defaults (Conditionally Required) 

Product Family: Prepare for the Upgrade 
TASK: Prepare for the Upgrade 
1-Gather schema statistics for CBO (Required) 
2-Back up the database (Recommended) 
3-Run Rapid Install (Required) 
4-Migrate or Upgrade your database to Oracle 10g Release 2 (Conditionally Required) 



4. Reducing Downtime


Here are the steps related to the "Reducing Downtime" category:


Product Family: Financials and Procurement 
TASK: Assets 
1-Depreciation (Recommended) 
2-Post Mass Additions (Recommended) 

TASK: General Ledger 
1-Posted Journal Entries Pre-upgrade Stand-alone Upgrade (Optional) 

TASK: iProcurement 
1-The Catalog Data Pre-upgrade Process (Recommended) 
1.1-Run the Extractor (Recommended) 
1.2-Apply patch 4914492 (Recommended) 
1.3-Run the Exceptions Report (Recommended) 
2-Exceptions to be Fixed and Reloaded (Recommended) 
3-Exceptions to be Fixed by Correcting System Defaults (Recommended) 
4-Agreement Summary (Recommended) 

Product Family: Supply Chain Management 
TASK: Service Contracts 
Comments Step Audit Setup Execute Validate 
1-Migrate Rules and Times values (Recommended) 



5. Upgrading to R12


Here are the steps related to the "Upgrading to R12" category:


Product Family: Perform the Upgrade 
TASK: Perform the Upgrade 

1-Disable AOL Audit Trail (Conditionally Required) 
2-Shut down application tier listeners and concurrent managers (Required) 
3-Migrate database to Oracle 10g Release 2 (Conditionally Required) 
4-Update init.ora with upgrade parameters (Required) 
5-Disable custom triggers, constraints, and indexes (Conditionally Required) 
6-Drop MRC schema (Conditionally Required) 
7-Back up the database (Recommended) 
8-Ensure that Maintenance Mode is enabled (Required) 
8--1-Ensure that tablespace APPS_TS_TOOLS exists (Required) 
9-Apply Release 12 AD minipack (Required) 
10-Run the American English upgrade patch driver (Required) 
11-Run the NLS upgrade patch driver (Conditionally Required) 
12-Apply latest product patches (Required) 
13-Synchronize NLS and American English product patches (Conditionally Required) 
14-Disable Maintenance Mode (Required) 
15-Reset init.ora parameters (Required) 
16-Back up Oracle Applications (Recommended) 

Product Family: Finish the Upgrade 
TASK: Finish the Upgrade 
1-Reset ORACLE schema passwords (Recommended) 
2-Configure and start server processes (Required) 
3-Configure Applications client software for forms applet (Required) 
4-Reapply customizations (Conditionally Required) 
5-Integrate custom objects and schemas (Conditionally Required) 
6-Re-enable custom triggers, constraints, and indexes (Conditionally Required) 

Product Family: Finish System Administration 
TASK: System Administration
1-Configure SSL for Web Services (Conditionally Required) 
2-Complete Workflow Notification Mailer (Required) 
3-Complete Transport Agent Setup (Conditionally Required) 
4-Complete setup for Oracle XML Gateway (Required) 

TASK: XML Publisher 
1-Enable PDF printing (Required) 
2-Specify a temporary directory for XML publisher (Required) 



6. Verification tasks


Here are the steps related to the "Verification tasks" category:


Product Family: Customer Relationship Management 
TASK: Email Center  

1-Verify Email Accounts (Recommended) 

TASK: Incentive Compensation 
1-Validate Existing Objects (Recommended) 
2-Verify Integration Points for External Modules (Recommended) 

TASK: Marketing 
1-Verify Migrated Campaign and Activity Data (Recommended) 

TASK: TeleService 
1-Verify Upgraded Data (Recommended) 
2-Monitor Historical Message Migration (Recommended) 

Product Family: Financials and Procurement 
TASK: Advanced Global Intercompany System

1-Assign Each Organization to a Legal Entity (Recommended) 

TASK: Assets 
1-Subledger Accounting Upgrade (Recommended) 

TASK: E-Business Tax 
1-Tax Transaction Audit and Reconciliation Reports (Recommended) 
2-Payables and Receivables Transaction Query (Recommended) 

TASK: Financials for the Americas 
1-Brazilian Receivables Bank Transfer Accounting Entries (Recommended) 

TASK: General Ledger 
1-Accounting Setup Manager Post-update Diagnosis Report (Recommended) 
2-Upgrade Verification with Reports (Recommended) 

TASK: Global Accounting Engine 
1-Run Accounting Reports (Recommended) 

TASK: iProcurement 
1-Catalog Data Upgrade (Recommended) 
2-Content Security Upgrade (Recommended) 

TASK: Legal Entity Configurator 
1-Legal Entities and Establishments (Recommended) 

TASK: Payables 
1-Trial Balance Reconciliation (Recommended) 
2-Invoice and Payment Processing (Recommended) 
3-Tax Setup and Processing (Recommended) 
4-Accounting Setup and Processing (Recommended) 

TASK: Payments 
1-System Security Options (Recommended) 
2-Oracle Payables Impact (Recommended) 
3-Disbursement System Options (Recommended) 
4-Oracle Receivables Impact (Recommended) 
5-Upgrade Verification Planning for Release 11i iPayment Users (Recommended) 
6-Payment Processing Extensions and Customizations (Recommended) 

TASK: Receivables 
1-Integration with Oracle E-Business Tax (Recommended) 
2-Integration with Oracle Subledger Accounting (Recommended) 
3-Integration with Oracle Payments for Funds Capture (Recommended) 
4-Balance Forward Billing (Recommended) 
5-Late Charges Enhancements (Recommended) 
6-Customer User Interface Redesign (Recommended) 

TASK: Sourcing 
1-Header Requirements Verification (Recommended) 
2-Template Migration (Recommended) 

TASK: Treasury 
1-Bank Account Migration (Recommended) 
2-Bank Account Balance Migration (Recommended) 

TASK: U.S. Federal Financials 
1-Treasury Confirmation and Reconciliation (Recommended) 
2-Budget Execution (Recommended) 

Product Family: Projects 
TASK: Property Manager 

1-Verify Upgraded Data (Recommended) 

TASK: Projects 
1-Verify Subledger Accounting Integration (Recommended) 
2-Verify E-Business Tax Upgrade (Recommended) 
3-Verify Resource List Migration (Recommended) 

Product Family: Supply Chain Management 
TASK: Order Management

1-Verify and Review Upgrade Error Report (Recommended) 



7. Post-Upgrade tasks


Product Family: Applications Technology
TASK: System Administration 

1-Verify that all concurrent programs are complete (Recommended) 
2-Install online help (Recommended) 
3-Update/verify custom responsibilities (Conditionally Required) 
4-Migrate custom development to new technologies (Recommended) 
5-Migrate the CUSTOM library (Conditionally Required) 
6-Copy and re-customize modified scripts or reports (Conditionally Required) 
7-Copy existing custom start scripts (Conditionally Required) 
8-Review user responsibility assignments (Recommended) 

TASK: Alerts 
1-Associate organization names with custom Alert definitions (Conditionally Required) 

TASK: Multiple Organizations 
1-Set operating unit mode for customizations (Conditionally Required) 

TASK: Report Manager 
1-Assign the Report Manager Data Migration Program to a request group (Required) 
2-Run the Data Migration Program 

1-Recreate existing spreadsheets (Conditionally Required) 

TASK: Workflow 
1-Update Status Monitor URLs (Required) 

Product Family: Customer Relationship Management 
TASK: Email Center 

1-Migrate Email Center data (Recommended) 

TASK: Sales and TeleSales 
1-Run concurrent program (Required) 
1.1-Run concurrent program - Refresh (Required) 
2-Migrate Sales methodologies for opportunities (Required) 
3-Migrate Sales credits (Required) 

Product Family: Financials and Procurement 
TASK: Payments
1-Enter encryption key for Payments (Conditionally Required) 
2-Complete payment profile options for Netherlands (Conditionally Required) 
3-Complete Danish payment means and channels (Conditionally Required) 
4-Complete remittance advice controls for Italy (Conditionally Required) 

Product Family: Human Resources Management 
TASK: Human Resources 
1-Apply latest HRMS Legislative Updates (Required) 
2-Verify Labor Distribution tables (Conditionally Required) 
3-Re-seed custom salary components (Conditionally Required) 
4-Migrate Training Administration to Learning Management (Conditionally Required) 
5-Complete HRMS Configuration Workbench Setup (Conditionally Required) 
6-Verify Time Zone conversion for Learning Management (Required) 
7-Check downtime reduction report (Recommended) 

TASK: Payroll 
1-Install or update Vertex for Payroll (Conditionally Required) 
2-Run the QuickPay Exclusions Data Upgrade process (Recommended) 
3-Run the QuickPay Exclusions Data Upgrade for Japanese Localizations (Conditionally Required) 
4-Compile Japanese flexfields after generating messages (Required) 
5-Enable Subledger Accounting (SLA) (Conditionally Required) 

Product Family: Intelligence

TASK: Intelligence 
1-Perform additional steps for Embedded Data Warehouse (Required) 
2-Perform additional steps for End User Layer (Conditionally Required) 
3-Perform additional Daily Business Intelligence steps (Required) 
4-Perform additional Balanced Scorecard steps (Required) 

TASK: Daily Business Intelligence - Marketing 
1-Verify Initial Load, Incremental, and Dashboard reports (Recommended) 

TASK: Daily Business Intelligence - Sales 
1-Run Initial Request Set (Required) 
2-Verify initial Load, Incremental, and Dashboard reports (Recommended) 

Product Family: Projects 
TASK: Property Manager 

1-Create accounts distribution for leases in Property Manager (Conditionally Required) 

Product Family: Supply Chain Management 
TASK: Mobile Applications 
1-Review MWA Server Administration task changes (Required) 

TASK: Mobile Field Service 
1-Migrate to the new Mobile Field Service application (Conditionally Required) 

TASK: Process Manufacturing 
1-Complete Inventory Convergence for OPM (Conditionally Required) 
1.1-Review and correct migration error messages (Required) 
1.2-Run transformation migrations for OPM data (Required) 
1.3-Run transformation migrations for OPM Financial data (Required) 
1.4-Migrate OPM Regulatory data (Conditionally Required) 
1.5-Recreate open batches (Conditionally Required) 
1.6-Migrate OPM Edit Text to attachments (Required) 

TASK: Service Contracts 
1-Monitor deferred upgrade tasks (Conditionally Required) 

Product Family: System Maintenance 
TASK: System Maintenance 
1-Delete obsolete product files (Recommended) 
2-Drop obsolete columns (Recommended) 
3-Register new products (Conditionally Required) 
4-Update Java Color Scheme profile option for selected users (Conditionally Required) 

Product Family: Additional Tasks 
TASK: Additional Tasks 
1-Understand Oracle Applications System and Maintenance Tasks (Recommended) 
2-Migrate Existing Objects to New Tablespace Model (OATM) (Recommended) 
3-Implement New Product and Country-specific Functionality (Recommended) 
4-Resize the Database (Recommended) 
5-Back Up Oracle Applications (Recommended) 
6-Review Security Practices (Recommended) 
7-Log On to Oracle Applications (Recommended) 



8. Remarks


- more information about the Oracle Applications Upgrade:

- In this article the upgrade steps are generated by the Maintenance Wizard are is specific to my test environment. 


- Some steps cannot be performed automatically by the Maintenance Wizard (example: Database upgrade) and this must be done manually. 


- After the upgrade the customizations must be rewritten.  -> Oracle Applications (apps)  -> R12

-> Upgrade the Oracle Apps 11i to R12 with MW (Maintenance Wizard)

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