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Oracle Applications 11i File System  

This article contains the following topics:


Application TOP Directory


    The Application TOP Directory is the directory where the Oracle Applications are installed. In my case I have a single-node installation and the Oracle Application eBusiness Suite is installed in /APPS directory which can be named the TOP directory. 


    Here are the structure of the TOP directory (in order to have a clear explanation I use a single-node installation):


Oracle Apps file system

    As we can see in the picture the TOP directory contains (this is by default installation):

  • Specific Product Directory ($APPL_TOP):                visappl   directory
  • Common Product Directory ($COMMON_TOP):     viscomn directory
  • Application Technology Stack Directory:                    visora    directory           
  • Database File System:                                                visdb      directory  


Specific Product Directory ($APPL_TOP)


    The Specific Product Directory is the Oracle Applications top-level directory and is defined by the APPL_TOP environment variable. This directory contains the files associated with all the Oracle Applications products  (AR, GL, AP, etc ), administrative files (in admin, au directory) and the environment files associated with the Application Tier (VIS.env, VIS_apps_svr.env, APPSORA.env, APPSVIS_apps_svr.env). 


Oracle Apps file system




    In $APPL_TOP/admin directory contains files and scripts used by AD utilities during the upgrade and maintenance processes. See the picture bellow:


Oracle Apps file system


    Here are main files/ directory in $APPL_TOP/admin directory:

  • <Context_Name>.xml (VIS_apps_svr.xml in my case): Oracle Applications Context File for the application tier;

  • adovars.env : defines some Oracle Applications environment variables (JAVA_TOP, CLASSPATH, OA_JRE_TOP, etc);

  • <Context_Name> directory: used to store Rapid Install and AutoConfig log and out files;

  • <SID> directory: AD utilities put their log, out and restart files in this directory. If an utility cannot access the <SID> value (from $ORACLE_HOME) the output, log and restart information will be put in a log, out, restart directory under $APPL_TOP/admin;

  • adconfig.txt: Contains system configuration variable values;

  • adlinkbk.txt: Contains the files that AD Relink utility should backup;

  • applcust.txt: Lists any registered customization;

  • applora.txt: Contains minimum or required settings for database initialization parameters;

  • applprod.txt: Contains the application id, abbreviation, shortname, prefix for the products available in this release;

  • applterr.txt: Contains descriptions about the NLS available settings.



  $APPL_TOP/ad directory contains a set of tools used for installing, upgrading and administering the Oracle Application System. $AD_TOP variable point to the top-level Application DBA (AD) directory. See the picture bellow:


Oracle Apps file system 


    In this picture we can see also that the bin directory under $AD_TOP contains the commands which start the AD utilities (ex: adadmin, adctrl).




    $APPL_TOP/au directory contains product files that are consolidated in a single location for optimal processing.  Here is the $APPL_TOP/au/11.5.10 ($AU_TOP) content: 


Oracle Apps file system


    This directory contains the source of  PL/SQL libraries used by Forms (resource directory), PL/SQL libraries used by Reports (plsql directory), Forms files (forms directory), a copy of java files used by JInitiator when regenerating the desktop clent JAR files (java directory).

    Each Oracle Application Product has his own directory and contains the specific files needed for that product. Each <PROD>_TOP directory has a similar structure as $AU_TOP, but here there are the generated runtime files instead the source files. Here is the structure of General Ledger top-level directory ($GL_TOP) :


Oracle Apps file system


    If the Oracle Applications supports 2 languages (US and FR for instance) we will have 2 subdirectories under some directories (forms, reports, mesg) which contains files for each installed language.



Common Product Directory ($COMMON_TOP)


The Common Product/ Components Directory (COMMON_TOP or <db_name>comn directory) contains files used by different Oracle Applications products/ components or third-party products. Here is the structure of COMMON_TOP directory:


Oracle Apps file system  


    $COMMON_TOP/admin ( ./log and ./out) is the default location for the Concurrent Manager log & output files. Also, JAVA_TOP (java directory) and OAH_TOP (html directory) are by default under COMMON_TOP directory.  



Application Technology Stack Directory


Oracle Applications Technology Stack Directory (<db_name>ora) contains 2 directories. Here is the structure of Oracle Applications Technology Stack Directory:


Oracle Apps file system


    8.0.6 directory contains ORACLE_HOME for the Developer 6i products (Forms, Reports and Graphics). The product libraries in this directory is used to relink Oracle Applications executables. This is the Oracle Home used by the AdAdmin and AutoPatch.  


    iAS directory is the ORACLE_HOME for Oracle 9i Application Server (which include Oracle HTTP server). 



Database File System


The Database File System contains:

  • Database Technology Stack  (<db_name>db) which includes the Database ORACLE_HOME (<db_name>db/9.2.0);

  • Database Files directory (<db_name>data) which contains the data files (.dbf), the log files and the control files of the database.  -> Oracle Applications (apps)  -> 11i

-> Oracle Applications 11i File System

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